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4F9819 British-Standard Evolution First Aid Points

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Ideal for managing a wide range of workplace accidents, this comprehensive first aid point is not only stocked with everything needed to comply with BS 8599 guidelines, but also offers an eyewash kit, a burns kit that includes dressings that don’t require pre-cooling, and a biohazard kit with all the items needed for the safe clean-up of bodily fluids. Shelves underneath the eyewash and first aid kits allow them to be opened and used workbench-style while attached to the wall, while the photo-luminescent bracket headers make the point easier to locate in dark or smoky conditions.

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• Labels underneath the kits allow staff to identify which kit has been removed
• Eyewash and first aid kits can be opened while still attached to the wall to allow them to be used workbench-style, or removed and taken directly to the casualty
• Photo-luminescent bracket headers allows for easier identification even in dark or smoky conditions
• Comprehensive selection of kits makes this first aid point ideal for companies with high levels of risk

First Aid Kit ContentsSmallMediumLarge
First aid guidance leaflet111
HypaCover first aid dressing, 12x12cm468
HypaCover first aid dressing, 18x18cm122
HypaBand triangular bandage234
HypaBand safety pins121224
HypaCover eye dressing234
HypaPlast washproof plasters4060100
HypaClean sterile wipes203040
HypaPlast microporous tape, 2.5x5cm111
HypaTouch nitrile gloves (pair)6912
HypaCover finger dressing234
HypaGuard face shield112
HypaGuard foil blanket123
Burn dressing, 10x10cm122
Clothing cutters111
HypaBand conforming bandage, 7.5cm122

Eyewash Kit ContentsAll
HypaClens eyewash, 500ml2
HypaCover sterile eye dressings2

Burns Kit ContentsAll
First aid guidance leaflet1
Burn Stop burn dressings, 10cm x 10cm2
Burn Stop gel sachets, 3.5g3
HypaBand safety pins12
HypaBand conforming bandages2
HypaTouch disposable gloves2

Body Fluid Kit ContentsAll
HypaClean absorbent powder, 10g2
HypaClean disinfectant cleaner spray, 50ml2
Disinfectant wipes2
HypaTouch disposable gloves2
Non-woven cloths4
Scrapers & scoops2
Polythene aprons2
Biohazard disposal bags2

Get Technical…
BS 8599-1

Available sizesLow-hazard workplacesHigh-hazard workplaces
SmallUp to 25 employeesUp to 5 employees
MediumUp to 100 employeesUp to 25 employees
LargeEvery 100 employeesEvery 25 employees

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