Eye protection and Full-Face Protection for Hazardous Areas

eye protection

Eye Protection and the Law

The wearing of Eye & Face Protection in hazardous areas is a requirement under Regulation 4 of the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992.

The regulations have replaced the Protection of Eyes Regulations 1974 which have now been repealed. Regulation 4 requires employers to provide suitable personal protective equipment to employees who may be exposed to risks to their health and safety.

The Importance of Full Face Protection

High speed flying particles or chemical splashes are rarely "aimed" directly at the eyes. A full face visor offers the maximum protection in extreme conditions. Full face shields offer a wide area of protection and, because of the all round ventilation, remain mist free even in wide temperature swings.

Eye protection from Chemical Splash

Chemical splash, and vapours, can hit you from all sides. It is important that full eye enclosure is selected, eg. Unvented goggles. Full face shields will also protect the whole face from splashes of liquids, those with Chin Guards should be selected where there is a danger of splash deflecting up from a work surface.

Eye protection from Impact

Impact hazards are caused by fast moving particles from operations such as Chipping, Grinding and Cutting and also from broken Tools and Grinding Wheels. The potential impact speed must be assessed before selecting the most appropriate protection. Safety glasses could be dislodged by high velocity impacts in which case Goggles or a Face Shield should be selected. If in doubt, consult the Markings Chart.

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