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Arco Responsible Workwear

Made to Last. Ethically Sourced. Fully Traceable.

We make it easy for you to make an informed choice that benefits both your business and your sustainability goals. With nearly 90 per cent of the 33 million workwear items supplied annually ending up in landfill or incineration at the end of their useful life, we are committed to working towards circularity and providing more responsible products.

With Arco Responsible Workwear you can be confident of verified responsibility at every stage.

Responsible Design

We're designing garments with life-extending specification to provide longevity in tough working conditions. This means that you not only benefit from garments that last longer and you also get better cost per wear. You can also be confident that this improved lifespan will reduce the amount of workwear that you dispose of, possibly to either landfill or incineration. You will also be replacing garments less frequently and therefore reducing the consumption of the planet's scarce natural resources.


Developed with life-extending specification to provide longevity in working conditions, garments are made with durable fabric, reinforced features and extended washability.

  • Durable fabric made from at least 65% recycled polyester and/or 2 ply twisted yarn deliver tensile strength, abrasion and shrinkage resistance and anti-snagging properties.
  • Reinforced features such as kneepad pockets with expansion darts, reinforced neck seams and a twin needle hem provide extra robustness.
  • Extended washability. Machine washable fabric has excellent colour stability and shrinkage resistance

Responsible Sourcing

We're making it easy for you to make responsible choices for people and the planet. We're ethically sourcing and producing our new workwear range so you can be confident that garments are made using environmentally and ethically certified materials and processes.

  • Made from and packaged with certified recycled and responsibly sourced materials.
  • Garments are made from GRS™ -certified recycled polyester and Better Cotton.
  • Packaging has been minimised and is made using 100% GRS™-certified recycled plastic which is recyclable.
  • Care labels are made from GRS™-certified recycled materials.
Responsible Sourcing

Responsible Production

The range is manufactured in a supply chain fully verified for environmental and ethical responsible practice;

The range is produced using environmentally responsible production processes assessed by Better Cotton and GRS™.

The range is manufactured in a supply chain fully verified for ethical and environmentally responsible practice; using production processes assessed for environmentally responsible by Better Cotton.


Responsible Transparency

We've harnessed Lyfcycle® technology to power the Arco Responsible workwear range. Through this approach, you can have confidence that all sustainability claims are backed by supported evidence and eliminate the risk of greenwashing.

Via the unique QR printed inside item, using the Lyfcycle® app you can unlock the products story and view every stage of production in the supply chain. This allows businesses and wearers to easily track the source of materials and location of manufacture.


Arco Responsible workwear is available in up to six different colourways, size range XS - 5XL with three different leg lengths. Polo shirt and trousers available in dedicated men's and women's fit.