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For Safer Businesses

Working to provide customers with sustainable solutions

Sourcing the right solutions to meet sustainability targets can be a real challenge for any business.

That's why we're making it easier every day for businesses to confidently make, a more responsible purchase and achieve their sustainability goals by seeking out and verifying suppliers and products demonstrating "better" solutions

Providing customers with sustainable solutions

We've always tried to do the right thing. Which is why we are working in partnership with our suppliers, customers and relevant bodies to develop and provide solutions which have a positive impact.

Key focus areas include:

More sustainable products: we're offering new, more sustainable products with verified credentials produced using better materials & processes and designed to extend their useful life.

Circularity: We're introducing ways to recover & recycle materials and developing new solutions to achieve closed-loop systems.

Responsible product packaging: We're reducing product packaging, improving materials, and enhancing packaging circularity.


We are introducing ways to recover and recycle materials and developing solutions to reduce the overall carbon impact of Arco and to help customers to achieve their sustainability goals. Projects reduce pollution, resource consumption and carbon intensity of products through recovery and re-use of key materials.

Implementing end-of-life take back and recycling schemes

We are expanding our customer proposition for the collection, laundering, destruction and recycling of garments and PPE.

Investing in closed loop systems

We're investing in research and development of a commercial scale closed-loop, recycling solution for polyester workwear, to be used in safety products and garments.


Sustainable Products

We are offering new, more sustainable product options to customers, helping them to achieve their sustainability targets. The projects reduce pressure on natural resources e.g. cotton and deliver high quality safety solutions while lowering the volume of materials the entering waste stream.

Sourcing and specifying sustainable materials and processes

We're specifying more recycled and sustainable materials in our own label products and expanding our commitment to Better Cotton and the Global Recycling Standard within our product development cycles.


Extending product life

We are collaborating with suppliers and customers to increase durability and extend the useful life of products.

Extending product life

Responsible Product Packaging

We're reducing our packaging, improving materials and minimising plastics and working with partners to introduce lighter and more sustainable packaging.

The projects accelerate the transition to a low carbon sector and promotes industry-wide good practice.

Collaborating to deliver sustainable textiles targets at a national level

We are signatories to WRAP's Textiles 2030 programme.

Wrap Textiles 2030

Reducing product packaging and increasing recyclable elements

We are committed to reducing the amount of packaging we use, and where packaging is necessary, we're increasing the recyclable elements.

Responsible product packaging