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A Safer Pair of Hands From Arco

Arco's new 3-step skincare range. Protect, wash, replenish.

Our new range of skincare products provides everything you need to implement a simple yet effective 3-step regime to help protect your workers against developing skin infections.

Step 1: Protect

Apply to hands before working or after washing hands.

  • Leaves a protective layer
  • Reduces contact with specific types of chemicals
  • Helps retain natural oils and moisture
  • Makes cleaning skin quicker and easier

Step 2: Wash

Apply as soon as possible after hands become contaminated and/or immediately before/after visiting the toilet.

  • Helps remove dirt and irritants
  • Helps remove germs and prevents infections
  • Prevents the spread of germs to others
  • Reduces the risk of Dermatitis

Step 3: Replenish

Apply prior to prolonged breaks and at the end of each working day or shift.

  • Replenishes natural oils
  • Keeps the skin soft and supply and avoids dryness
  • Helps to maintain a health skin condition

Dispensing Safety Boards

Improves hand hygiene routines in washrooms and hygiene-critical areas.

  • Helps to create an accessible and convenient hygiene station
  • Designed for quick and easy cleaning with a hygienic, wipeable surface
  • Easy to mount on walls
  • For use with Arco Protect, Wash and Replenish dispensers